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Theological Reflections
on God's Creation

The writings and traditions of our Christian faith are rich in seasonal and natural reflection.

This page is a portal for thoughts, reflections, theological insights, and inspiration on our relationship to God's creation. It is best said in the words that the Rev Peter Kreitler and Jack Winder (deceased 2002) wrote in an introduction, Voices for God's Creation (subtitled "Eco-Epistle #1"), to this page:



Voices for Godís Creation

It has been noted by the sages that knowledge becomes wisdom sometime around the age of 79. Well, we are now celebrating our collective 120th year, and with that milestone in mind, we offer a few reflections, dreams and hopes. We are two friends from distinct regions of the nation – one layman, one clergyman, living 3,000 miles apart, brought together by a common faith, and a great Episcopal communion. We have arrived at a similar place at a similar time in our lives.

The Episcopal Ecological Network (EpEN), established to enhance our churchís mission to serve all in creation, facilitated our meeting, nurtured our commitment to a strong ecological framework for our lives, and fostered pride in our being associated with many men and women who share a similar passion for preserving the integrity of creation.

As members of the EpEN,we invite you to share in a journey and new venture with us. As we reflect on our 120 years on the planet and our 16 years as members of the Episcopal Ecological Network, we gratefully acknowledge the voices of the prophets of old who held their generations accountable for their actions. We feel that our times today require voices willing to speak for the voiceless in creation in an on-going and strident manner. We feel that the written word communicated electronically is a viable medium to share the Ďgreater gospelí (a new phrase to include the book of nature). We want you to participate with us in a monthly Ďget out the voteí for Godís creation and all that lies therein.

We will write a column that will invite you to respond with your own comment or column. The dialogue of 2 will grow to 3, 4, 5 and then 5,000. When this is feeding 5,000 we will have built a voice into a heavenly chorus that just might be loud enough to be heard in the Diaspora of every diocese. Everyone on the column will have a chance to speak electronically to everyone else. We will build this dialogue on this web site.  We want to build a chorus one voice at a time, and your voice is important to the building up of Godís realm and the preservation of Godís garden.

All messages will be recorded and saved and the body of commentary will become a contemporary book of the Bible fit for the Apocrypha.  Let us hear your voices.

~ the Rev Peter Kreitler & Jack Winder, Esq
Eco Epistle #1       July 30, 2002

To Eco-Epistle #2, June 2010.

If you would like to add to these reflections or to comment on them, please send an e-mail to news[] (Please remove the square brackets from the address before sending).
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The EpEN is a national network of active lay and clergy persons within the Episcopal Church, USA, who share a common concern for the environment and a common belief in the presence of God in all Creation and who work to make these concerns and beliefs known throughout all Provinces and Dioceses within the church.  Members come from around the Episcopal Church, USA.  The activities of the EpEN are focused on the areas of Reflection, Education, and Action. 

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