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Eco-Justice Resolutions

a Resolution on Environmental Responsibility

passed at Convention, January 2002

Resolution on Environmental Responsibility

Resolved, that the 170th Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Tennessee recommends that the congregations and the communicants of the diocese make every effort to conserve energy and choose environmentally friendly and renewable resources in our institutions and homes; and further be it

Resolved, that congregations and communicants of the diocese make every effort to examine the choices of energy generation, and to use environmentally safe and sustainable energy sources, especially those deriving from sun and wind; and further be it

Resolved, that the Bishop of Tennessee and the Bishop and Council of the Diocese of Tennessee explore ways in which the Diocese of Tennessee can become a resource center for questions and answers by congregations and communicants said diocese concerning the TVA Green Power Switch and energy conservation.


Building on the resolution passed at the 1997 General Convention and the growing concern about global warming the Episcopal Church is moving towards a response that calls for more efficient use of energy and a supplier with less fossil fuel emission than in the past.

The spiritual implications of this scrutiny and economic choice will reflect our leadership role as stewards for the environment, stewards for the health of our children and stewards for the human rights and justice issues affecting the communities where electric generation plants are sited.

In April of 2000, here in Tennessee, many churches, businesses and individuals were invited to make the Green Power Switch. This provided an opportunity for people to put their "faith into action" and do something that demonstrates their love of Creation.

People in the Diocese of Tennessee can ask their power distributors to join the TVA Green Power program and if NES is their power distributor they can buy units of clean, renewable power.

Submitted by 

  • Joyce Wilding, Chair of the Ecology Group, Christ Church Cathedral and Province IV Environmental Ministerial Leader; 
  • and the Wardens, Vestry and Clergy of Christ Church Cathedral.

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