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Eco-Justice Resolutions
from the Episcopal Church

Develop an Electronic Learning Community

Proposed Resolution 2012-A047 for the 77th General Convention
of the Episcopal Church, USA, July 2012
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Resolution 2012-A047:
Develop an Electronic Learning Community

Resolved, the House of _______ concurring, That The Episcopal Church develop an electronic learning community with delivery systems to support faith formation, collaboration, and networking with interactive capabilities for cross-conversations on the web; and be it further

Resolved, that upgrades in technology, necessary staff, technology networking as needed and staff coordination within the Episcopal Church Center be completed; and be it further

Resolved, that the Formation and Vocation Ministries Team and the Office of Communication be directed to collaborate and gather within one year of the adoption of this resolution such resources and tools from all levels of the Church to populate this electronic learning community; and it be further

Resolved, that this online community have elements of mission, worship, advocacy, evangelism, scripture, environmental issues, Christian faith formation, outreach, stewardship, and social justice as articulated in The Charter for Lifelong Christian Formation and Education; and be it further

Resolved, that a review committee, charged with ensuring the integrity and breadth in the development of these resource materials, and composed of nine members representing various ministries and disciplines of the Church, be appointed by the Chief Operating Officer in consultation with the various ministry disciplines of the Episcopal Church Center; and be it further

Resolved, That the General Convention request the Joint Standing Committee on Program, Budget and Finance to consider a budget allocation of $210,000.00 for the upcoming triennium for the implementation of this resolution.

Proposer: Standing Commission on Lifelong Christian Formation and Education


The Episcopal Church in the 21st century is called to look at providing faith formation resources via a network rather than single congregations or dioceses operating alone. The Church's diversity will call for faith opportunities for all ages, in all circumstances and in a variety of experiences. The Church is called to develop collaboration, including in how its members share the vast arena of Christian formation content. Today's technology now provides a means to do so.

Most dioceses and congregations do not have a staff member to search for program ideas, resources, and connections to the greater Episcopal community in the area of faith formation. The Internet has greatly reduced that isolation, but it takes a trained eye and an Episcopal ethos to weed through the vast amount of content that is found on the web that can inform living out promises in the Baptismal Covenant and the Five Marks of Mission.

Offering such an online, curated resource would allow the Church to incorporate an immense range of faith formation opportunities. With the Formation and Vocations Ministries team working alongside the Office of Communication, a site can be developed to support the entire Church. Representatives from a variety of constituencies can serve as a review committee, vetting the practicality and relevance of content and time. All of this could be done electronically and would not need face-to-face meetings. In this way, all resources on this site will be examined as appropriate for use in Episcopal settings: home, church, school, and beyond.

The funds requested for this resolution would be targeted to the technology development that would need to be built for such a site over the next triennium. The Standing Commission on Lifelong Christian Formation and Education believes that such an online learning community can serve as a resource center for the 21st century and provide access to all in the Church and beyond, creating a hub for learning and transformation, exhibiting a collaborative effort in sharing the multitude of programs and resources that exist across the Church.

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(Resolution did not pass General Convention)
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The EpEN is a national network of active lay and clergy persons within the Episcopal Church, USA, who share a common concern for the environment and a common belief in the presence of God in all Creation and who work to make these concerns and beliefs known throughout all Provinces and Dioceses within the church. Members come from around the Episcopal Church USA. The activities of the EpEN are focused on the areas of Reflection, Education, and Action. 

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