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Eco-Justice Resolutions
from 74th General Convention (2003)

Spirituality of Food Production

Resolution C036

Health: Spirituality of Food Production

Resolved, the House of Bishops concurring, That this General Convention accept the Episcopal Ecological Network’s offer to continually provide its Bishops, clergy, and lay persons with information and educational opportunities concerning the issues of food sources, biodiversity, genetic engineering, ownership and distribution of our food sources, and related issues concerning the health and well-being of ourselves and future generations and encourage them to work in conjunction with the Peace and Justice Ministries office of the National Church Center in this regard; and be it further

Resolved, That the Office of Government Relations and other appropriate bodies will advise elected and appointed government officials and other secular and religious bodies of its concerns about food sources, biodiversity, genetic engineering, ownership and distribution of our food sources, and related issues concerning the health and well-being of ourselves and future generations; and be it further

Resolved, That this General Convention supports the rights of consumers to know the source and content of their food stuffs; and that the farming and processing practices used are healthy and sustainable for all of creation and The Episcopal Church is committed to making this a reality; and be it further

Resolved, That the General Convention refer this position to the Committee on Social Responsibility and Investment for consideration whendeveloping and managing stock portfolios and for use in making shareholder resolutions.


We believe
  • that feeding people is an honorable and socially just endeavor;
  • that farming is a noble vocation that gives great pride to those involved in it;
  • that farmers can feed the whole world with safe, healthy, and nutritious food;
  • that agriculture needs a just, free market system that works for all people;
  • that it is imperative to have wide distribution of land and resources;
  • that we have the personal and political responsibility to work toward supporting young and beginning farmers' efforts to stay on the land; creating and maintaining sustainable communities for future generations; and the creation of a sustainable, safe, and self-reliant food system;
  • that all our actions have an effect on the common good of creation;
  • that we must carefully and prayerfully consider the choices we make that either positively or negatively impact the use of farmland, tillage practices, natural resources, technology, animal husbandry, and marketing and labor practices;

we believe that in God, Creator of all that is, and Jesus Christ, our teacher, and the Holy Spirit, our Counselor, lie the source, the reason, and the support of all that is contained in our lives on our Earth Home.

Submitted by 

  • Province VI  of the Episcopal Church, USA
  • Amended to the above form prior to passage on August 4, 2003.
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The EpEN is a national network of active lay and clergy persons within the Episcopal Church, USA, who share a common concern for the environment and a common belief in the presence of God in all Creation and who work to make these concerns and beliefs known throughout all Provinces and Dioceses within the church.  Members come from around the Episcopal Church USA.  The activities of the EpEN are focused on the areas of Reflection, Education, and Action. 

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